Course topics

16 Session Topics
with books, videos, values, terms, 100 questions to self-assess progress, mentoring and feedback

Session 1-   God / Mitzvot I
Session 2 - Mitzvot II/ Jewish Texts/ Christianity  
Session 3 -Models of Judaism/ Spiritual Judaism/Tzedakah
Session 4 -  Jewish Life/ Synagogue/ Ritual Objects 
Session 5 -  Prayer
Session 6 -Jewish History
Session 7 -Shabbat
Session 8 -Time/ High Holidays
Session 9 -Sukkot/ Hannukah/ TuBishvat/ Purim
Session 10 -Pesach/ Shavuot 
Session 11- Kashrut
Session 12 -Jewish Peoplehood/ Conversion/ Modern Issues
Session 13 - Tisha B'Av/ Anti-Semitism/ Shoah-Holocaust
Session 14 -Israel
Session 15 -Life Cycle I
Session 16 -Life Cycle II/Life to Come/Messiah/Resurrection
Session 17 Essay questions to answer and send to us

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