100 Answers you will know at the end

100 Answers you will know at the end

The 100 Questions. Take our course to learn the answers

I. The Bible

1. What is your understanding of the Bible’s authorship?

2. What is a Sidrah?

3. What is a Haftarah?

4. What are the three main divisions of the Hebrew Bible? What is the Hebrew name for the Bible? Why do Jews prefer not to use the term "Old Testament"?

5. Name the five Books of Moses. Describe what took place at Mt. Sinai .

6. Why was King David's reign considered such an important episode in Jewish history?

7. Who were the early kings of Israel ? Why was the country later partitioned into Israel and Judah ?

8. Define a prophet. Name three important prophets.

9. What is the Talmud? Why was it called the Oral Tradition?

II. The Synagogue

10. What are the three terms for a synagogue in Hebrew? How does the modern synagogue fulfill them?

11. Describe the Tallit and Tefillin and explain why and when they are worn.

12. How is a Torah written? How is it treated and why do we accord it so much respect?

13. Define Aliyah. On what occasions other than Bar/Bat Mitzvah does one receive an Aliyah?

III. The Prayer Book

14. Define the terms Siddur and Mahzor.

15. What is the importance of the Shema and what do its three paragraphs say?

16. What is Shaharit, Minha, Maariv? What prayer is an indispensable prayer?

17. What is the Hallel service and when is it recited? When is the Musaf recited?

18. What is the meaning of the Alenu prayer? Is it always recited only at the end of a service?

IV. The Home

19. What is so special about being Jewish? What are your responsibilities along these lines?

20. What is a Mezuzzah? On which side of the door should it be placed? What does it signify?

21. What ritual objects are basic to making a home "Jewish"?

22. What does "Kosher" mean?

23. What does Halachah mean? What role does it play in the Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstructionist and Reform movements?

24. What is the blessing that a Jewish woman recites over Sabbath candles and when are they kindled? What prayers does a father recite to his children and wife on Friday night?

25. What is Kiddish? On what occasions is wine used in Jewish ritual?

26. What is Birchat Hamazon?

V. Sabbath and Holidays

27. Why does the Jewish calendar change every year? What is the Hebrew word for calendar?

28. Name some Hebrew months of the year and the major holidays that occur during these months.

29. Why is the Sabbath considered a cornerstone of Jewishof Jewish tradition? How is it observed traditionally? Why does it have meaning for our society?

30. What is the Havdalah ceremony? What objects are used?

31. In what ways is Yom Tov (the Festivals and High Holidays) like Shabbat? In what ways does the observance differ? Why do traditional American Jews observe the first two and last two days of Yom Tov unlike in Israel ?

VI. Sukkot - Simchat Torah

32. Why do we celebrate Sukkot and what is the significance of the Sukkah?

33. What are the four species used on Sukkot and what do they represent?

34. Why is Ecclesiastes (Kohelet) read on Sukkot?

35. What is the Yizkor service and how often is Yizkor recited during the year?

36. Explain Simchat Torah and what Hakafot are.

VII. Passover

37. What is the meaning of Pesach?

38. What is Chametz and what are the requirements for making a home ready for Passover?

39. Name some of the rituals of the Seder.

40. What is the Haggadah?

41. Why is the Biblical book "The Song of Songs" read during Passover?

42. What does "Counting the Omer" mean and what is Lag B'Omer?

VIII. Shavuot

43. What does Shavuot mean and what is its significance?

44. List the Ten Commandments and explain why they are still important to follow.

45. Why is the "Book of Ruth" read on Shavuot? What is the attitude of Ruth to a non-Jew who accepts Judaism?

IX. Minor Festivals

46. What is Tisha B'av? What is its significance for us today?

47. What is the historical background of Hanukah?

48. In what order are the candles kindled on Hanukah?

49. What is the Megillah or Scroll of Esther?

50. What is the story of Purim and how does it reflect Anti-Semitism?

X. High Holidays

51. What is the meaning of Rosh Hashanah and what does the holiday stress?

52. When is the Shofar blown and what does it symbolize?

53. What are some of the special prayers recited in the Mahzor on Rosh Hashanah?

54. Explain how Jews "confess" their sins, and how do Jews "repent"?

55. Why is the Sabbath between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur called Shabbat Shuva?

56. What is the importance of Yom Kippur and why do we fast?

57. What is the Kol Nidre prayer? What does it have to do with the theme of Yom Kippur?

58. What are some of the special prayers recited in the

Mahzor on Yom Kippur? Why is the Book of Jonah read on Yom Kippur afternoon? What is the Neilah Service?

XI. The Lifetime of the Jew

59. Why is the ceremony of “Brit Milah" (circumcision) so significant for a Jewish boy?

60. When and how is a Jewish girl named?

61. What do we mean by performing a Mitzvah? What do the terms Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah signify?

62. Why is it essential to continue Jewish education through our lifetime?

63. Why do is the meal following a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or a wedding be part of the religious celebration?

64. Define the following terms relating to a Jewish Wedding: Chuppah; Ketubah; Sheva Brachot.

65. Why do Jews break a glass at the end of a Jewish wedding ceremony?

66. Why do we stress simplicity and economy in celebrating a happy or a sad milestone in Jewish life?

67. Do Jews believe in divorce? What is a Get?

68. What are some traditions regarding a Jewish funeral and Shiva?

69. What is the most appropriate way to show sympathy for the bereaved?

70. Why do we recite the Mourner's Kaddish and when is it recited?

71. What do Jews believe about Heaven and Hell?

72. What is a Yahrtzeit?

73. What is an unveiling?

XII. Jewish Beliefs

74. What do we mean about Jews being the "chosen people"?

75. Define Messiah and explain how Jews differ in their definition from Christianity’s definition.

76.76. What is the Jewish view concerning Jesus?

77. Why is it important for a Jew to belong to a Synagogue?

78. What does being "a good Jew" mean?

79. What does Tzedakah mean? Why is it important for a Jew to support worthy causes?

80. What are the functions of a Rabbi and Hazzan? What does their training involve?

81. What is Orthodox Judaism and what is an Orthodox Jew's way of life? Identify the "Yeshiva."

82. Explain Reform Judaism.

83. Describe Conservative Judaism and what it stands for. How should a Conservative observe the Mitzvot? 84. Describe Reconstructionism.

XIII. Jewish History

85. Who was Ezra and what was his importance in connection with the Torah?

86. Identify Hillel and the Pharisees. What are some of Hillel's famous sayings?

87. Who was Rabbi Akiva and what was his connection with the Talmud?

88. What is the meaning of Midrash?

89. Define the term Halachah.

90. Define diaspora.

91. Who was Moses Maimonides? What did he write?

92. What is the importance of the guidebook "Shulchan Aruch"?
93. What is a Hasid? What did the Hasidic Movement of the 19th Century contribute to modern
94. What is the world Jewish population today? American Jewish population?

95. What does Zionism mean and when did the movement begin?

96. What roles did Theodore Hertzl and Chaim Weizmann play in shaping the movement?

97. What is the Balfour Declaration and what did it mean to the Jews?

98. Who were great personalities in the State of Israel since establishment in 1948?

99. What kind of government does Israel have and what is its relationship with Jews in the Diaspora?

100. Explain the current situation between Israel and the Palestinians.

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